Content Management


Content Management

In dealing with content, we have built a model which enables us to deal with several stakeholders in the content arena. With broadcasters, content providers, digital platform owners and of course clients who are looking at reaching the consumers through content, we manage each party with a clear understanding of their objectives and deliverables.

Content Creation

We work with clients on one side and content providers on the other side to create content that are suited to the client’s needs. With a clear brief to the provider, we work to deliver content on any platform with clear objectives.

Media Exposure

Our relationships with media independents and media houses enable us to structure media exposure across different platforms ranging from the conventional to the unconventional.  Ultimately, content is of no use if the channels for exposure are not available. Working across different platforms has given us the experience to structure exposure deals that are beneficial to the media houses and the client

Branded Entertainment

We work professionally to ensure that brand presence does not distract from the entertainment quality and value of our content. We use the different branding opportunities in content to send the brand message in an efficient and professional manner while we leverage on the entertainment value of the content.

Multi-media Leverage

With the opportunities across TV, Radio, Web, Mobile, and other platforms, we are well positioned to deploy content effectively. We develop the mix of platforms based on the objectives and the nature of the content and associated brands.

Commercial Exploitation

Connect understands the commercial potentials for programming across different platforms. We work with  content providers to sweat their content for revenues , cover the costs and make a profit. We also represent content providers to offer unique content for sale.